Monday, August 22, 2011

The storm is coming...

Something was wrong.  I knew that as soon as I seen Xion.  Physically, he was different, completely.  But since he had bound me to him when I was a vampire, and he was a demon, I could recognize him whether he looked like Xai or not.  He approached me... and I couldn't... feel him.  There was no essence about him, no... aura to speak of.  I managed to capture him, and forced my way into his mind, his memory.  I searched for what was wrong with him, and when I found it, I wanted to stick my boot so far up his ass, he'd been coughing up leather for a week.  He raped, a succubus.  Of all things for him to rape... I say rape because in his memory she told him no and tried to run, and he captured her then forced himself on her.  She even said what she was... had he been himself, I would have kicked his ass, but as it was, I needed to help him more at the moment.

I made sure Xai was secured, and opened a portal, stepping into my grandfather's domain.  It was the first time I ever went there willingly, yet he was still angry to see me.  "Child, how many times do I have to tell you, I don't want you here!" he boomed as soon as he saw me.  My shoulders went up in a shrug as I tucked my wings close to my back.  "I did not die this time." I offered as I begin to chew my lip, growing uneasy being near him.  He let out an exasperated sigh and motioned me closer to his throne, his bony fingers coming up to pinch the bridge of his nose.  "No one else gives me this much trouble, no one else DARES to ask ANYTHING of me... yet you, you are a spoiled brat.  Seiphere was much too lenient with you when you were his, and now your 'father', as you call him, should really teach you some humility."  I shrugged again as I stepped closer, for the first time actually taking in his throne room.  It was fitting, I suppose for Death.  Skeletons, pretty succubi, spikes and chains.  But I was in hell after all, it was to be expected.  Once I was close enough to him, I looked up to his face, taking a breath.  "I came for Xion's soul." I told  him, faking a bravado I didn't feel.  "One of yours took it."

"Oh and you think you will get it?" he asked me, his eyes black as coal as he glowered down at me.  "He is the reason you and I are related.  He is the reason your soul is no longer in my possession."  At that my eyes narrowed, and I took a step closer to him.  "No, grandfather.  Seiphere is the reason  you were cheated out of my soul."  "Yes, but why did Seiphere have your soul?  Why were you in his presence?  What made you flee that house of leeches to be at your Sire's side?  It was because this, Xion, fucked up your mind, and opened you to an entirely new world of darkness no?"  His rotting lips curled in a smile as I stepped back, growling softly at him, seeing his twisted logic.  "I forgave him for that, and I want his soul back..." I answered him, my chin lifting in defiance.  He laughed at me and curled his finger up, beckoning me closer, his other hand suddenly grabbing a crystal from the air.  The crystal was grey, cracked, and looked busted from the inside.  "Your, Xion's soul is damaged child.  I only have what the succubus didn't digest of it.  You can't put a damaged soul back in a mortal body."  I stepped back to him, looking at the dirty jewel in his hand, a frown appearing on my face.  "Savannah.." he said softly and my attention immediately went back to him, having never heard this tone from him before.  "You will die, again, child."  His words held no regret in their tone, nor any sadness.  It was a statement from him, nothing more, nothing less.  "The fates have deemed it so.  ANd when you die, your soul will be mine, in it's entirety.  Not your ridiculous emotional ties to Denenthorn, nor your silly human feelings for the others will save you.  You will be my prisoner, for eternity, so pick your next death wisely."  WIth that he tossed the stone at me.  As I caught it, I shrugged.  "Life's a bitch anyways right?"  He nodded and flicked his wrist, and with that I was back in the attic of the church, with the stone and Xai.

I knelt next to Xion, all the affection and love I had for him rushing to the surface as I did.  As I rolled the stone over and over in my hand, it begin to glow, but with a broken sort of light.  Tears rushed to my eyes as I examined it, whispering to it.  A small voice in the back of my head told me, "fix it, with yours..."  I was unsure, how to do it, if I wanted to do it.  I just wanted him back to how he was.  The stone made the decision for me.  My hands begin to glow the more I played with the rock, and the light begin to seep into it.  I felt as if part of me was going with the light, but if it would save Xion, I would do it.  I didn't care... So few in this world I care about like I do him.  Suddenly the rock left my hands, and buried itself in Xion's chest, causing no wounds, more like it had simply faded into him, and I drifted off, sleeping.