Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cupid should be shot?

Strange times ... strange times.  The city is constantly changing yet the undercurrent remains the same.  Politics abound, backstabbing runs rampant.  Fun times correct?  Its in the midst of all this undermining where I settle myself, watching, waiting.  I found myself a job at the library, and I've turned into a quiet little bookworm.  I've always enjoyed the library and working for them, I get access to all the books I want to read.  Not a bad deal no?  I've already managed to strike a deal with the prowlers, then root out a mole we had working for Lourden. Perhaps I have found my calling or perhaps it is just what suits me now?  It seems sometimes my interests are as varied as the citizens of this dirty little hovel.

But obviously with me being a librarian, it suits my natural curiosity.  However, the old saying curiosity killed the cat works for vampires as well as cats.  I can't seem to stop my attraction for the darker things in the city.  the darker the better for me, and it draws me like a magnet.  So its no wonder I found him.  He was standing in front of the haven, in our little town square.  There was... waves of arrogance rolling off of him.  Even as a vampire, I can see a big ego.  I approached him, and once the banter was over and I found out who he was, I was immediately intrigued.  The former Lord of Shadows, Dracon himself.  Decided to 'grace' us with his presence. I wasn't all that impressed, although most of the former leaders refuse to come back to our city which is strange.  You'd think they'd come around and strike terror but, that is their decision not mine.  Dracon had a job he needed done, he wanted research, he wanted answers.  In exchange, he'd let me feed, as I needed.  His blood granted a temporary immunity to fire, so I jumped on the deal.  It cost me very little other than time and a bit of begging from the higher ups in the library.

Once I got some ideas I begin to experiment.  Dracon had a vial of the Guardian's blood that he gifted me with, so I took that, combined it with some of Blue's blood.  I then combined that with a piece of Dracon's essence that he let me play with as I was doing my research.  The blood begin to mix with it's self, and a darkness descended on the basement of the library.  By the time I realized what a fuck up I had done, it was too late.  The mist rising off the blood grabbed me, and begin to cut me, pinning me to the table as it almost, seemed to lap up my blood, feeding it into the piece of essence that was on table with the blood.  I finally lost consciousness and when I came to, I could hear Stiletto yelling at me from the floor above.  I only wanted blood at this point.  And lots of it... The next few hours were a haze, filled with strange visions of shadows hanging from the ceiling, Stiletto's blood, Drac's blood, Drac passing out... It wasn't until after I had drank my fill and my mind begin to clear, I realized the full extent of my mistake.  Because the blood I combined had used my blood to fuel it's fusion with Dracon's essence, I had bound myself to him.  My pain was his pain, my pleasure was his as well.  We were both, horrified by this although this did come with an unexpected bonus.  No one would harm me so long as they respected him, because they didn't wish it to pain him.

Days went by, I continued to feed from him, while doing research on how to get this curse off of myself.  I couldn't do anything without him there, he was always behind me, beside me.  Like a demented, guardian or stalker. And, I got closer to him as I tend to do when I feed from the same person.  And it was through this the inevitable happened.  Afterward, he tried to claim me as his mate and I refused that title.  I claimed I wasn't a dog, or a cat.  Mating is for animals.  Plus I was unsure if it was us, or the bond keeping us together. So, time passed, and I found myself craving his presence, longing for his voice.  Even after I sought out Mik and had him give me a spell that would remove the bond, Dracon stayed by my side.  And I felt, something I hadn't felt even with Shea... Something that I don't think there is even a word for...

Sometimes I think I have ESP.  Dracon and I was having a talk before the full moon about him turning Blue back into a demon.  He said he could turn me as well, but I knew all too well what that would entail.  And I begged him not to.  I told him, that if I was to die, to let me this time.  I owe a debt to Death as well as to Kali.  Even through his denial I was sure he'd just, let me go.  He didn't like vampires anyways.  And we just turn to dust when we die.  On the full moon I was strolling around, and found myself cornered by a wolf.  Most wolves in the city avoid me, even in feral form.  But this one, I hadn't seen before, and it attacked me.  It lunged and I kicked, it bit and I swung at it.  But, in the end, it opened my torso open.  Ripped open my stomach, tore a hunk out of my leg.  It finally left me, but I couldn't do anything but lay there in a pool of blood, before falling asleep.  I had woke up in the basement, but they didn't seem to leave me any blood, and being in the state I was in, I couldn't hunt.  But Dracon and Blue found me, then carried me to the volcano for their plans.  My wounds had begun to turn to dust by this point, my stomach and intestines had crumbled, and I knew I was dying.  And I wasn't trying to cheat death this time.

A lot of the ritual fades in and out of my memory.  I'm not sure I want to remember it all.  I do recall at one point he handed me Blue's heart, and I held it with all that I had left.  As much as she had scared me as a demon, I knew she didn't belong in that angel's body.  More blurry details and then boom, Blue was before us in all her former glory.  It would have been fascinating if Dracon hadn't then approached me, announcing it was my turn.  Again, the memories blur at this point.  I know Kali showed up, but then blackness consumed me and I didn't worry anymore, thinking it was done and over.  When I came to... Dracon had shoved a part of his heart into mine and he was asking Blue to feed me her blood.  She did, and that combined with Drac's essence woke me up.  I was alive, and once more demonic.  And pissed.  Blue left us to once more show the city why it should fear her name and I lit into Drac.  I didn't want to be alive, I didn't want to be a demon.  He simply stated, he didn't want to live without me and since the damage couldn't be repaired, he just, improved me.

The power is back in my hands.  This pleases me.  I seem to be able to call the blood magic like I used to.  This time though, it's Drac's and Blue's influence that runs through my veins.  I've always been a cold creature but this time, I'm warm, fire comes easily to me.  Although it's made it harder for me to hide what I am now, but most seem to just think I'm back to being a human.  And Drac has been, an unexpected bonus to all this.  Even now as I write, I'm sitting here, watching over him as he sleeps.  Sleep evades me right now, but he sleeps as well as he ever did.  He is so protective, which is odd for me.  I've always watched my own ass, and yet here he is, making sure that nothing bad happens when he can prevent it... is it possible for a demon to love someone?  Even one that had a hand in her corruption?