Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catching up

The tides of change never seem to stop.  They swell and recede, often sweeping me or the ones I care about up in them.  I am at a loss of what to put in my writing, my only companion that I have had since I started walking the streets of this filthy hovel on my own.  I had a hand in Jaco's recent changings.  More than a hand actually.  Kali used me as a funnel to pour her energy into his dying body, twisting and mutating it beyond what it had already endured until he became a demon like I was.  Was... I hate that word but I suppose it is our own fault what happened.  She accused him and I both of wasting the 'gift' she gave us.  Him more than I, but in her eyes we both should have been punished.  And punish she did.  She removed her entire demonic blessing from Jaco and I.  Jaco reverted and I simply, existed.  It hurt, but at least I didn't have my entire being changed, by her.

After the incident with Kali, I rushed to feed, feeling weak and hungry.  First person I seen was my daughter.. and those wings... I was always partial to angel blood after coming back, and my daughter was as fair game as anyone... So I tried to go after her, but with Kali's blessing removed, I couldn't withstand the holy magic Miza has become so adept at.  She managed to get me down, then drug me in the church.  What happened later, is a blur to me.  I just know, I came to, and no longer could summon my darkest magic.  Miza was so happy, she turned me into a mortal.  A human.  I fled back to the courthouse, and hid, unable to believe what the fates had cast on me this time...

Soon when the Lady found out what I was, she made fun of me.  I became an outcast within the Shadows.  A human among demons... so for the second time I turned in my necklace, and walked away, choosing to wander the streets on my own rather than wallow in my own feelings of insignificance.  I forgave Miza, for now.  She was truly trying to ... help me I suppose, but I couldn't accept what I was.  All my memories were back, flooding my poor human brain.  So I decided to seek revenge on those that wronged me that I had forgot.  It was with this goal, I decided to seek out a particular angel, that had stolen my purity when I was an angel.  A human going after an angel... didn't go over so well.  My former lover, killed me.  Again.  I truly do get tired of floating in that realm between life and death.  It was during this haze, that my old sire, Stiletto, found me, and forced her blood down my throat.  When I woke up, the fangs were back, the thirst for blood... vampire once more.