Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lessons learned

My own screams echoed in my ear, the fading taste of my blood in my mouth.  A fine way to spend the night no?  All I was doing was playing a prank on Mord of the library.  I took his hat.  Thats all... I may be a demon, but I'm still a baby by demon standards, and I like to cause mischievousness as well as chaos.  I think sometimes others forget that I was young before being cursed... but thats neither here nor there...

Drac had been gone a while.  I was growing restless, and having fed on a newly turned vampire, I decided I wanted to run rampant for a bit.  Yeah that went over well.  I was running around, causing mischief, doing silly little things that entertained me.  Once I made my rounds, I found Mord, and with a brow wiggle, I stole his hat and took off.  I hadn't got more than a few feet when I heard a roaring in my ears, telling me to give it back and start acting right.  I ignored it as I headed on up the road, but a sense of foreboding filled me.  I quickly turned and scampered back to the library, thrusting Mord's hat back at him.  As soon as I did, I felt talon's digging in my shoulders and I was drug downwards, into the ground.  I screamed, but I kept being pulled.

Once I reached my destination, I was dropped hard, on the ground.  I sighed and stood up, brushing the dirt off my thighs, pulling my skirt down, before I looked up.  His face, was disapproving, his eyes cold.  "What the hell... do you think you are doing up there Savannah?"  he asked, his tone hard and left no even remote tone of affection.  I immediately looked back down, and begin to fiddle with the hem of my skirt, taking a few deep breaths.  "Having fun?" I finally whispered.  He begin to laugh, and I peeked up at him through my bangs, his face amused, but the smile held so much sadism to it.  "Fun? You want fun?" he asked, then grabbed a handful of my hair dragging me down a hallway.  The next few hours, were filled with pain, sex, more pain, more sex.  My mind completely forgot about those in Tox I should be concerned with, and I had to focus on him, and what he was doing to me.  The last part of the 'fun' as he called it, he took a talon and rebranded Leviathan's mark on my chest, before re-enchanting the dragon that hung around my neck as a symbol to her, and him, that I was theirs.

He then took me in his arms and simply held me for a while, not saying much.  To some, it would look like a rare moment of affection, the demon trying to comfort his chylder, but in reality, he was keeping me from being able to heal myself, being able to stop the blood flow.  Making sure I felt every tiny twinge of pain and darkness that he had spent the hours before inflicting on me.  His nose trailed over my ear, and down my neck, keeping my mind on him when it should have been wandering toward my obligations, and I let him.  I was tired of fighting, tired of missing him.  I was like a sponge, soaking up whatever attention he decided to give me, and a tiny part of me hated it.  Hated the way he knew me, the way he played my affections.  Yet I didn't struggle, didn't ask to go back.  He sent me back when he was done, saying he'd see me soon, and to behave.

Once back in Tox, I find myself unable to control the demonic urges like I once did.  The stranger part was, I didn't really find that I wanted to.  I was tired, sore, hungry, weak.  First thing I did was corner ... something, the memory isn't really there, and wasn't important.  I fed on him, then finally managed to get back into my human form, but it felt... almost wrong.  Like I was wearing clothes that didn't fit anymore.  But I have to keep the guise up, at least for now, in interest for the library.

I miss him.  Ass.