Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Errant thoughts

I am restless.  Not unusual for me.... Huffing I roll over and throw the covers back, and sit up, ruffling my wings.  Hearing a small sigh, I tense and look over my shoulder, then smile to myself.  She fights it so hard,but inside, she's a cat.  Even now, she's curled up, her ears relaxed, her tail laying against the mattress.  Standing up, I tug on my jeans and top from the night before, and cover her back up, making sure she is warm.
A fond smile crosses my lips as I run my fingers over the top of her head and across her shoulder, then pull the cover over her shoulder.  I bend down and brush my lips to her forehead before padding in bare feet to the balcony, and looking out over the city.
Fifty years of never stopping, of never sleeping... and in my new body, I need rest.  I don't like it, it makes me feel weak.  I jump to the railing on the balcony and spread my wings, before leaping, enjoying the air running through my feathers as I glide to the street.
Once I land, I tuck my wings back, and stretch, almost toppling over, its taking some getting used to, these new appendages.  I feel a rush of anger as I think about my former self.  WHile I understand my ... well I guess he's my father... he had no choice if I was to stay in this life... I almost wish he had made me a dog.
I take off running toward my new home, the church.  Once inside, I concentrate for a moment, listening, and find the building empty.  Sighing I plop on a pew and allow myself to drift in memories.  So much happened... so many changes.... Here, alone, I can feel myself relax, and I can feel my head begin to droop, so I stretch out on the pew and begin to doze.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The hunt.

The night was cool, I suppose. Since I've been brought back, I don't really feel weather differences as normal people. But the jackets I seen on the humans told me that the weather was cooler than most would like.
My eyes sort through the masses fairly quickly and accurately. Too drunk, not drunk enough, too tall, that one's fixing to have a heart attack... Huffing in frustration I begin to creep closer to the roof edge, staring at the crowd to find the perfect target.
There he is... he arrived alone, one of the ones I passed off as too drunk. But he's been eating, and drinking water. So he's sobered up. I smirk and slip back to slide off the back part of the roof, so I can enter the front, just a girl out on the town for a good time.
Once in the club, the human front comes up, I walk up to the bar and order a drink. To the casual observer, I'm the same as the rest of the females in here. Only I know my purpose... I slip closer to him, and begin to make idle conversation.
Soon we find ourselves on the dance floor, I make sure his drinks are steady but not too much.. I want him to feel his fate. I entice him with my body, I can see it in his eyes. He wants me, I want him, simple right?
The club begins to close, and I lead him outside, I can almost hear his thoughts screaming at me. He's horny, he thinks we're going to quickly do it in the alley.
I drag him against me, my back to the wall. I mold my lips to his, letting his hands roam over my body for a bit, until I grow tired of playing... My touches grow more aggressive as I shove against him, and pin him between me and the opposite wall. The alcohol in his system making his movements slower, dulling his thought process.
Oh he struggles as I get a good grip on his shoulders, but I don't care, the more he struggles, the faster his heartbeats, the more freely his blood flows. Slowly and deliberately I sink my fangs into his neck, the flow immediate and fast.
Slowly he gives in. Quits fighting me. I drink quickly and deeply, the blood flowing from his body to mine, the warmth spreading through my limbs. Once I've drank my fill, I lick the wounds to stop the bleeding and press against him, grinding, rubbing hoping some of his warmth spreads to my skin.
Pulling back I smile at him, he passes out. I shake my head and check his wallet, finding his id and car keys, I drive him home, tuck him in like a good little girl. He'll wake up in the morning with a headache. He won't remember me... they never do.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Was it a dream?

The night is cool, early fall like.  Most girls would need a jacket but she didn't.  You look up at the club, and her eyes catch yours.  She smiles and grabs her drink off the bar and approaches you.
The music is loud, talking is useless, but her body says more than her mouth would.  The night takes its standard path, drinks, dancing, a little light touching.  Her every movement seems to match yours, she knows just when to close in, when to pull away.
As the music winds down, you find yourself at that awkward moment, not knowing if you should ask for her number, ask her back to your place, but she makes that decision for you.
You two stumble to the alley, and she presses herself against the wall, pulling you by your shirt to her.  Her lips are cold, but you chalk it up to the weather, her body molds itself to you...
You think you've scored, this nights going to end well.
Your hands find their way under her shirt, brushing your fingers against her cool skin as she moves her mouth away from yours and smiles.  Somethings not right about that smile..
Every part of you wants to stay, but something deep inside your mind is screaming for you to run.
SOmething shifts, she pushes against you, suddenly your back is against the wall, her mouth latching onto your neck.  Her hands claw into your shoulders as you feel a sharp pain in your neck...
She bit you, fucking bit you.
You try to shove her back, off of you.  SHe's so much smaller, how can she have that tight of a grip?  As your hands find her shoulders to tear her away, the strength of her bite makes you stop..
If you push her away, you have a good feeling you will loose your entire throat
So what can you do?  You close your eyes, grip the back of her shirt and simply submit... Prayers run through your head, but for some reason, they don't seem appropriate.
Soon she begins to twist and writhe against you, rubbing her body against yours, you can't help it, you moan a bit.
Finally she stops biting and you close your eyes as you feel her pull back, you don't want to see your blood staining her lips.
A soft sound comes from her throat, it almost sounds like a purr.  A purr?  wait this chick bit you and is now purring?
Your thoughts begin to run together, the edges of your vision turning black as you feel your conciousness fade.
Finally you look at her, and again you think, she's just a girl... what the hell happened?  Thats your final thought as you give up trying to stay upright, and let the darkness of the night consume you.
You awake the next day and bolt upright in bed, then clutch your head.  How much did you drink last night?  Your head is pounding as you lay back down and rub your neck.
Suddenly the events of the night before rush back to you and you stumble out of bed to the bathroom, looking at your neck.. nothing.
You begin to doubt your sanity... was it a dream?  The weakness in your body tells you otherwise, but.. theres no proof...
You chalk it up to bad booze or too much of it and stumble back to bed.

The Gypsy Lycan (Background for a medieval sim)

The night was warm, the moon was bright and full.  I remember it so clearly.  The mare I had taken, was so fast, and her movements so fluid... We wound through the woods outside the duke's land so effortlessly.  IT was as if she and I had the same mind, the same goal.  We were free...  I remember hearing something behind us... something large.  It was.... growling I suppose you could call it, maybe more of a snarl.  Next thing, I felt this..... well it felt like a huge boulder slamming into the side of me and the mare, knocking us both several dozen feet from the path we were on.  Suddenly I felt this sharp, intense pain in my ribs, and I looked up at the biggest wolf I had seen in all my nineteen summers.  It bit a rather large hole into my side before my horse jumped up and took off.  Then it took off after her.  I prayed to the gods that I wouldn't die before fading off... last thing I heard was the shrill whining of a horse being taken down...

I was born in a gypsy camp.  I called a man named Bo father... he often told me my mother was an Irish princess, that he had kidnapped while she was witch child as revenge against her husband for kicking Bo's people off his land.  My mother's name was Alannah.  Whether he spoke the truth or not, I will never know, she died while having me.  Gypsy law revolves around possession, since Bo had her, he claimed me as his daughter.  I grew up with the other gypsy children, only ever once in awhile they would point out my pale skin, the red hair, the blue eyes.  Bo said I was my mother, reincarnated.  As I grew older, a woman whose daughter was killed during a raid, took me under her wing, teaching me the gypsy womanly arts.  Her name was Violca, in honor of her beautiful purple eyes.  Utterly devoted to her husband and her son, she was the model of what every gypsy woman striven to be.  At her skirts, I learned to cook, clean, then later, telling fortunes, tarot reading, healing magic, simple glamours.

However, I had a wild streak a mile-wide.  When I entered my teenage years, I began to sneak off and steal horses with Violca's son, Pali.  We grew quite close as our pursuits grew wilder, more dangerous.  Violca, I think, had romantic notions about the two of us.  Soon, Bo started talks with Pali's father.  I did not like this at all... I never intended on being a wife, I wanted to be like a man.  I wanted to steal horses, raid pirate ships, break into the lord's castles and cart off their goods.  However, Bo threatened me, either submit or he would sell me.  He would not have a daughter without a respectable husband.  I gave up on my own designs for the future and decided to marry Pali.  He assured me, he would love me and treat me like a princess.

Two days before my wedding, I was out walking away from our camp.  I was searching for some herbs for Violca for the wedding stew.  I felt a strong set of arms around my waist, a sack over my head.  I screamed and immediately started fighting back.  They bound my hands and feet, throwing me across a horse and trotting off with my body.  When they stopped, I was at a duke's manor.  I remembered that man... We had raided his home several cycles before.  He said HE intended to take me as his bride, but he foolishly left me unbound when they threw me into my cell that night.  I escaped and stole the finest mare I could find, then took off, hell bent on going home.

After I was attacked, I woke up the next day, so sick, so much in pain... I thought I was dying.  Screaming to the gods I curled in a ball and waited for death to take me in her arms.  I must have been close to the camp because next thing I remember was Violca and Bo carrying me back to Violca's wagon.  She worked on me for hours, I knew the chants, the potions by memory.  I concentrated on that to keep from giving into the pain, to the sickness that threatened to overwhelm me.

Miraculously, I survived, I was better in a week.  Pali, Bo, Violca, were all ecstatic that I was alive and decided to plan our wedding on the next full moon.  So the next three weeks were spent in more preparations, more rituals... all the while, I felt trapped, forced into this marriage.  The night before our wedding this time, I was restless as the sunset.  Bo and Violca blamed it on nerves... I tried to tell them otherwise, I knew my body, it was something else.  That night, I remember being violently ill, and hurting all over.  I blacked out, then woke up the next morning, bloody, the carcass of an unknown, large animal beside me.

I snuck back home, and found Pali, depressed, he thought I had ran away.  I ran to Violca's wagon and told her what had happened.  The looks she gave me, I will remember for the rest of my days.  "daemonium lupum" she whispered, and my own heart seemed to stop.  "Lycan?" I whispered, my entire body beginning to shake.  We revered the Lycan.  Some of our kind even worshiped it.  Our band, however, feared these mythical beasts... Pali and I had spent many of a night scoffing the elder's beliefs.

She ran from the wagon as I grabbed what clothes I could from her trunks.  As I emerged, my dad, the man who raised me banished me from the camp.  Saying it was better than killing me.... he didn't understand, the camp was all I had ever known...  Pride is a very powerful thing sometimes, his pride made him banish me, my own pride kept me from begging him to let me stay.  Even though I know he would have broke, his heart was breaking that day.

So I fled the camp, running as fast as I could.  I slipped around towns, stealing food, sleeping in barns.  I had two more instances of blacking out.  One day, I came across a scent... it immediately, caught my attention.  I had never been attracted to anything like that.  I just knew, that scent was meant for me to follow.  So I began to follow it.  At the other end of this scent, was  a male, an arrogant, irritating male.  And I was his, I knew this from the beginning.  And that is where my story ends, or perhaps, where it merely begins.

Tia's Story

I can remember it all, like it was yesterday... I know it wasn't... many seasons have passed...

My father called me and my siblings to the courtyard, in front of our house.  We all knew he had been rather upset lately over the westerners invading his lands.  We had strangers invade our lands before, but my father had always managed to keep it from turning into war.  He had a gift of a silver tongue, manipulating people to his will, talking circles around other leaders... my mother warned him it would catch up to him one day.

"The westerners will not stop at our borders." my father said, clearly troubled.  I struggled to keep my attention on him, but my eyes were drawn to the dark creature sitting astride a horse behind him.  I had never seen such a person, skin black as coal, hair like snow.  Suddenly his eyes locked with mine, and I blushed then ducked to hide behind my brother.

"This man... has promised me, I would win the war, I would not fall to these strangers."  My eyes went back to my father, purposely avoiding the stranger's eyes.  "However, he set a price... one of my own flesh and blood offspring in exchange for this promise."  My brows knitted at these words but I shrugged it off.  I was the baby, pampered and spoiled, not even of age yet.  "He will pick which one he wants, and that one will go with him, we must not lose our home... "  His voice broke again.  "It pains me to do this... but he gets to choose..."  

I still wasn't too concerned.  I bounced on my toes as I watched the stranger walk up and down the line of my siblings.  A couple of my sisters actually primped theirselves slightly.  He turned and got back on his horse, having not even come all the way down to where me and my brother was.  "I want the youngest." he said, his voice deep and oozing authority, as he thrust a finger directly at me.

I was still in disbelief as my father gathered what few things the man said I needed, just standing there.  "Tia..." my father finally addressed me directly as he handed me the bag with my things.  "Tia, my darling child.... I am so sorry..."  To his credit, he at least sounded remorseful.. but I had heard him too many times try to pull the wool over others eyes to believe him.  I refused to look at him as I snatched the bag, then flung myself into my mother's arms, sobbing, begging her to not let him do this to me.
"Tia-ith.." she whispered as she hugged me.  "Your father did what he thought was best..."  I couldn't believe my ears as I stared at her, but she wouldn't look at me, instead she glared at my father as she unwrapped her arms and turned me to face the stranger and gave me a gentle shove toward him.  "Take care of her... " she said firmly, I had never heard my mother speak to a man that way.

The man smirked at her and shrugged as he reached down and roughly grabbed my arm, dragging me in front of his saddle.  "Tia is her name?" he asked as he wrapped an arm around my waist then grabbed the reins with his other hand.  "Yes... Tiamal is her full name but she hasn't grown into it yet."  With that my mother finally looked at me, and smiled through her own tears.  "Make your family proud." she whispered then turned and took off for our home.  "Tia-ith is a child's name..." he hissed in my ear as he whirled his horse around and nodded to our father.  "Your debt is payed...  good luck with your wife..."  With a mocking laugh he kicked his heels into his ride's stomach and we took off.