Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Such changes

I grow tired of dying.  And I am sure hell's inhabitants get tired of seeing me.  But it seems sometimes in order to grow, one must make sacrifices, even if the sacrifices are not a choice of the one wishing to grow.

Denny killed me this time, well, Denny's 'form' killed me.  He was possessed by the horseman named Death, and apparently I had been infected by War.  Apparently I had killed Mordeth while possessed but since he left the Illuminati later, I do not feel remorse for it.  There was a lot of chaos for the weeks that the horsemen ran rampant...  Once I had died, Leviathan had once again claimed me.  They really do not forget a debt in hell, and I have racked up too many bills that needed to be paid.  Once I had been bound, the chains forged with magic I am unfamiliar with, the demons then begin my, payment.

First my magic was ripped from me, quite literally.  Any creature that has any sort of magical alignment knows that their power is soul deep.  Their powers are a part of them, and natural, much like breathing and mine was no exception.  Due to knowledge I had gained while doing research, my powers were bound to me physically and spiritually.  When they were torn out, I felt as if I was dying a hundred more deaths.  Every fiber of my being protested it and I felt as if I had suddenly been thrown into a pit of acid, the slow eating kind.  The initial pain faded, leaving a dull burning ache in my body, and I felt almost... hollow.  I was then drug to some sort of pit, where my tormentors hung me over it.  The creatures in this pit, were indescribable.  Great, horrid beasts, and my body was just within reach of them.  Slowly they begin to eat and claw at my body, slowly stripping the flesh from me.  Their sharp teeth digging into my muscles, their claws slicing my tendons.  What seemed like days later, my tormentors drug me back from over the pit, most of my body gone, only the vital organs remaining.

They tossed me into a cell, letting my body regenerate as it would.  I drifted in and out of nightmares then, my sins being played in my head over and over.  Somewhere in this strange coma I felt all the fire leave my body, all the warmth, the heat.  I could feel someone calling for me... but they were so far away.  Suddenly I felt myself ripped out of the cell and back into Toxia, Viviane and Miza pulled me back to earth.  In my head I could hear the Beast's roars of his temporary defeat.  All I could do was cling to Viviane and try to keep from losing it.  While I was in hell, it seems Kali had taken over my form.. and was wandering the streets.  And the new form, was unfamiliar, colder, more fluid than the one that was so full of fire and chaos.  I myself seemed, more cool, more level headed. 

After I had recovered, I begin to work with a few others to try and stop these horsemen.  The leaders possessed by the horsmen went down easily enough, but they kept getting back up.  A few spoke of killing them, but I'd rather have a possessed father than none at all, and with Rai being possessed by war..  I was rather against that idea.  Finally what seemed like the absolution, came.  Jaco summoned an arch angel to come and lock the horsemen back up.  She succeeded, but something went horribly wrong and she turned on the city.  This was, predicted by myself and a few others.  After all, an arch angel saving a place like Toxia?  Really?

Obviously, being in a place so full of sin, anyone could have predicted what happened next.  She was corrupted, she lost it.  From the rumors I heard, she went on a murderous rampage, but was taken down by the citizens.  It was a nice little break from the monotony of every day life.  Not every day an angel is the bad guy.  After these events, I begin to meditate, trying to make sense of this new power I was given.  Slowly entering a dark place with each  session, memories flood my mind.  Mine or Denenthorns, I am unsure of.  But another power is calling to me now...

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