Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Into the darkness we descend

Its been so long since I had moments to myself, and I found my diary seriously lacking in updates.  It wasn't long ago, that I sought out Zane.  I remembered me helping him back to being a demon once when Mizaki had made him human.  Once I found him, I told him what I wanted.  The path of magic I was following was destroying my mortal form.  Since I have no chance at redemption, no hope of salvation, I wished to summon a demon, to share my form with.  I wanted to bind a lesser to me, so that the demon would take the physical damage of my magic, leaving me able to continue to practice it.

The ritual went as I expected.  I willingly accepted the demon into my form, binding it to me, and me to it.  It was just one of the lesser imps that are so common in Hell.  With that I was able to continue my necromancy and blood magic, and not have to worry about the affect on the physical form I was cursed with.  Once this was done, I continued playing with the dead bodies I found, bringing them back only to burn them later, keeping my powers only to myself and Denenthorn of course.  He knows everything I do.

Stiletto was brought back.  The Priestess of the Coven and her clan helped bring her back to life.  However she's been absent since her reawakening.  I do thank her though even if she doesn't realize it.  She was the first for an experimental spell I had found.  I was able to bind her to me for a short period of time, and only I could command her.  But ultimately all good things must come to an end, and so she was returned to the Shadows, and I continued to dig up bodies to practice my rituals on.

It was another Covenite that eventually found out about the demon that resided inside of me.  He summoned it forth, and as it fled, it corrupted the vessel, my body.  It was far more fearful of me than it was of the Covenite, and it feared the repercussions of what would happen if Leviathan found out what had happened.  The demons under Leviathan's command are not to aid or assist me.  The fact that this demon was forced to do my bidding would be of no consequence.

For the first time in a long time, I felt, at ease. With my body, with my powers.  I could feel my very being stretching and expanding under the surface, like a dragon awakening.  And I grew.  My knowledge, my power expanded daily.  I was no longer in fear of retribution, anyone that would object to my being was long gone.  And it was with this fearlessness I begin to do research on how to bring back a particular body I had stumbled across.  I poured through the restricted section, I stole books from the library to read in the sewers where I knew my responsibilities wouldn't catch up to me.

Once I knew what I needed to do, I grabbed my personal magic stash and stole away through a portal to mainland.  The portal had taken most of my energy but my cockiness lead me on down the streets, and with a little persuasiveness I got a room in an upper class motel.  I don't think the manager there will ever be able to recover all his senses, but I had things to do.  My confidence has often been a downfall, so I made sure to cast protective charms over the room, and I collapsed in the bed, my energy completely exhausted.

 Over the next couple days, I made the contacts I needed to, resting a lot to summon the energy to form a portal back to Toxia.  To some it was hell, but to me it was home.  Being among mortals made me nervous.  Their minds are so easily manipulated, their bodies so easily twisted to the breaking point and back again.  I fed a lot while there.  So many men willing to follow a stranger with blood red hair and pale blue eyes into alley thinking they would get lucky.  I guess they did in a way, I never killed them, and I always left them in the same physical condition I found them in. 

Once my supplies were gathered, I sent them into the library, and stole away from the hotel in the middle of the night.  Nighttime has always been my preferred time to move.  The dark is comforting me, and it welcomed it's daughter with open arms.  As much as I have counted on the darkness as my ally, I've always known it also hid secrets, and the saying 'there's always a bigger fish' is always true.  But being among mortals for a few days gave me a sense of omnipotence... and no doubt the shark circling me could smell it. 

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